17600 - DESOI AirPower S25

17600 – DESOI AirPower S25

The pneumatic reciprocating pump DESOI AirPower S25 combines high capacity with compact design. Due to the directly mounted seals on the piston, retensioning is not necessary. The result is a very maintenance-friendly machine including suitable accessories

Datos técnicos

Working pressure – infinitely variable            7 – 220 bar
Delivery rate   5.1 l/min
Air consumption         1 m3/min
Air pressure     max. 8 bar
Transmission ratio       1:28
Air consumption and delivery rate at 100 bar back pressure (injection pressure)
Air consumption 90 l/min       Delivery rate 0.5 l/min
Air consumption 183 l/min     Delivery rate 1 l/min
Air consumption 308 l/min     Delivery rate 2 l/min
Air consumption 433 l/min     Delivery rate 3 l/min

Weight 13.7 kg
L x W x H       45 x 50 x 67 cm

 Rango de entrega

frame, 6 l material container transparent with scale and cover, incl. instruction manual, No. 16803: HP material hose – steel (Ø 6 mm, 5 m long, union nuts M12x1.5, solvent resistant), No. 16733: HP injection gun (external thread M12x1.5, whip 0.3 m, 0 – 250 bar, mouth piece)



  • Big material passages – highly viscous material can be used
  • A tensioning of the piston sealings is not necessary
  • Easy maintenance and repair 

Material to be used

  • Epoxy resin
  • Polyurethane
  • Quick-foaming polyurethane
  • Aqueous solution

Pressure regulator with manometer
Oil lubrication