17575 - DESOI AirPower M25C-3C VA

17575 – DESOI AirPower M25C-3C VA

The reciprocating pump DESOI AirPower M25C-3C VA is equipped with a forced mixing control and a separate rinsing pump. The material is delivered at a fixed mixing ratio of 1:1. The big and exactly operating valves provide both high flow rate and high mixing accuracy. The pump is very easy to maintain and low wearing. Due to its low weight, the pump can be used flexibly on the construction site.

Datos técnicos

Working pressure – infinitely variable            15 – 220 bar

Delivery rate

– at compressor output of 0.7 m3/min (2 x compressor DESOI R400)           max. 8 l/min
– at compressor output of 1.5 mÑ/min max. 10 l/min

  • Air consumption         min. 350 l/min
  • Mixing ratio    1 : 1
  • Air pressure     max. 8 bar
  • Weight            45 kg
  • L x W x H       55 x 48 x 84 cm

 Rinsing Pump

  • Working pressure – infinitely variable            7 – 220 bar
  • Delivery rate   5 l/min
  • Transmission ratio       1 : 28

Delivery range

Moving device, suction system, 2 x pressure gauge unit with manometer 0 – 250 bar and rinsing pump type S25, incl. instruction manual, No. 16813: HP material hose – stainless steel (Ø 6 mm, 10 m long, union nuts M12x1.5, solvent resistant), No. 16860: HP material hose – stainless steel (Ø 6 mm, 10 m long, union nuts M14x1.5, solvent resistent, component B), No. 16861: HP material hose – stainless steel (Ø 6 mm, 10 m long, union nuts M16x1.5, solvent resistent, component A), No. 17764: 3C mixing head – stainless steel (2 x HP ball valve, 2 x HP ball valve steel, 2 x non-return valve, mix block with 2 x inline static mixer, whip 0.3 m long, sliding coupling straight with free passage Ø 2,5 mm; material hose connections: component A: M16x1.5; component B: M14x1.5; flush connection: M12x1.5)



Pressure gauge units with manometers at machine outlet for pressure control of each component

All material contacting parts of stainless steel

Material que se puede aplicar

  • Acrylate gel
  • Pressure reducer with manometer
  • Pressure gauge with oil lubrication