16170 - DESOI AirPower L50

16170 – DESOI AirPower L50

The pneumatic reciprocating pump DESOI AirPower L50 achieves a delivery of max. 21 l/min. Due to the big valves and also pistons highly viscous material can be used without any problems. The pump is very easy to maintain and low wearing.

Datos técnicos


Working pressure – infinitely variable            5 – 230 bar
Delivery rate – infinitely variable        max. 21 l/min
Air consumption         1 m3/min
Transmission ratio       1 : 28
Air pressure     max. 8 bar
Weight            68 kg
L x W x H       63 x 60 x 103 cm

 Rango de entrega

Moving device, suction system with IBC container, anti-freeze device, connection material hose G1/2″, regulation of the delivery rate speed, incl. instruction manual


  • High flow rate

  • Big material passages – highly viscous material can be used

  • Easy operation and cleaning

Material que se puede aplicar

  • Epoxy resin

  • Polyurethane

  • Quick-foaming polyurethane

  • Aqueous solution

Reverse device with ball valve