15746 - DESOI PowerInject 303 GO

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15746 – DESOI PowerInject 303 GO

The compact, robust and powerful membrane pump DESOI PowerInject 303 GO is designed for the professional service on site. The special feature of the membrane pump is the large surface of the membrane and the large dimensions of the suction valve that makes the suction of highly viscous material easier. The pump is equipped with a return hose with ball valve which relieves the pressure in the the pump and the material hose.

Datos técnicos

Supply            230 V/50 Hz

Motor power   0.37 kW

Working pressure – infinitely variable            5 – 200 bar

Delivery rate   max. 1.9 l/min

Weight            23 kg

L x W x H       75 x 40 x 50 cm

 Rango de entrega

moving device, manometer 0 – 250 bar, 6 litre material container transparent with scale and cover, No. 16803: HP material hose – steel (Ø 6 mm, 5 m long, union nuts M12x1.5, solvent resistant) No. 16733: HP injection gun (external thread M12x1.5, whip 0.3 m, 0 – 250 bar, mouth piece), incl. instruction manual



  • Big membrane area – low wearing
  • Exact adjustment of pressure
  • Big material passages – high delivery
  • Valve technique – also suitable for highly viscous material
  • Can also be used for spraying

Material to be used

  • Epoxy resin
  • Polyurethane
Quick-foaming polyurethane
Aqueous solution

Pressure regulating valve
Working position